What to do before you change your hair color

Thinking of getting your hair colored? Before you even think about your next dye, read these tips from salon experts on how to pick the perfect shade and how to make it last longer! We asked Salon O Tony – hair expert and (lucky for me!) one of the best ladies hair salons near me – for the secret to the perfect hair color

Plan your hair color with your stylist

Don’t just sit in the salon chair and dictate what you want. Your hair stylist has the experience and expertise to help you find the best coloring treatment and make sure that it doesn’t damage your hair. (That’s also why you need to go to the best salon you can afford! Don’t just search for “the ladies hair salon near mebut research on the one with the most capable stylists!)

So, it’s best to come clean about your hair history. When was the last time you had a chemical treatment, how often do you get these treatments, and have you experienced thinning hair or hair fall? Are you the type who’ll go for frequent touch ups to maintain the look? How much are you willing to spend on your treatment? Also talk about your lifestyle. Colored hair can be affected by frequent sun exposure and swimming in chlorinated pools or beach.

Think of your stylist as your “hair doctor” who can lay out all your options and help you make the best choices. So be honest and open-minded. This is your hair – so take care of it!

Bring pictures of your hair inspiration

Most people are confused by hair terms like highlights, lowlights, balayage and more… And it can be a struggle to explain the exact shade of brown or red you want! A picture is worth a thousand words. Show your hair stylist pictures that represent the look you’re going for. You may end up choosing another shade, especially if he recommends a hair color that’s more flattering for your skin tone or a color treatment that falls within your budget, but at least you have a springboard for your discussion.

Set an appointment

While some hair treatments can be squeezed into your lunch break, hair color can take a lot longer. Aside from your initial consultation with your hair stylist, you need to take into consideration that some hair colors will need a preliminary bleaching or custom-mixing and layering of different shades. That’s why it’s important to block off a convenient time, book an appointment, and visit a salon that’s conveniently located (that’s one of the reasons why I love Salon O Tony – the staff is great, and it’s one of the most comfortable and luxe ladies hair salon near me!)

Don’t be afraid to speak up

Don’t be shy to raise questions or call the salon staff if you feel your scalp is itchy or uncomfortably painful during the course of the hair color treatment. While you can expect some kind of tingling sensation, there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Hey, is this normal?” Reputable salons like Salon O Tony will always listen and make sure that everything is going well – your satisfaction comes first, after all!

Get your haircut before your hair color

If you’re planning to have a complete hair makeover that includes both a haircut and hair color, then it’s best to get your haircut first. Then your stylist can plan where to place ombre or highlights, and take things like layering into consideration.

  Find the best ladies hair salon near me!

Hair color is a big change and commitment, so always go to an expert. Ask friends and family for their personal recommendations (that’s how I found the ladies hair salon near me!), check reviews, and maybe try one of the smaller treatments first to see how happy you are with the service.

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