Keratin Treatment FAQ

Keratin treatments have gotten a lot of beauty buzz as the secret to silky-smooth, shiny hair. But a lot of us don’t really understand what it’s about. What does it really do? How do I know if and when I need one? Where can I find the best keratin treatment near me?

These are just some of the frequently asked questions we’ll answer in this simple and straightforward guide to keratin treatments.

What’s a keratin treatment anyway?

Let’s start by explaining what keratin is. It’s a protective protein that’s already naturally found in our hair. However, our hair can get damaged from chemical treatments or blowdrying. We also lose protein as we grow older.

Keratin treatments restore the protein in our hair, coating each strand and acting like a protective (and extra shiny!) armor. They also make our hair smoother, which can help prevent tangles and frizzy bad hair days. Some women say that ever since they got this hair treatment, they don’t need a blow dryer to get their hair to look neat and sleek. They wake up with gorgeous hair — now that’s a good reason to find the best keratin treatment near me!

What are the different kinds of keratin treatments?

Keratin usually is combined with other ingredients to achieve certain results. For example, the famous Brazilian Blowout is best for people with curly or frizzy hair, since it smoothens out the hair while still giving lots of volume. Think of at an instant blow-dry! There’s been some fears that Brazilian Blowouts can damage hair, but newer treatments from reputable salons like Salon O Tony only use the safest formulas.

If you love your natural curls and wavy hair, don’t worry: there are also what they call soft keratin treatments that can help control frizz and make your hair feel softer but won’t straighten your hair. It’s like having the best of both worlds!

Salon O Tony also offers the Express Keratin treatment. It’s like a super hair serum. Results only last about 4 to 6 weeks (compared to other keratin treatments, which can last for up to six months) but it’s a quick fix for preventing frizz during the most humid months.

What happens during the keratin treatment?

Once I find the best keratin treatment near me, I can prepare to be pampered! It starts with hair being washed, and then the stylist applying the treatment and leaving it on so the ingredients can work their magic. Sometimes the treatment is sealed in with a hair iron.

How long does the appointment usually take? It depends on the kind of treatment, hair texture, or whether you’ve got really short or long hair. But think of it this way: the short time we spend at the salon saves us so many future hours of styling and blowdrying. Totally worth it!

How do I find the best keratin treatment near me?

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