Best Hairstyle For Women

Too many women walk into a hair salon with a celebrity photo and say, “I want her hair.”  But it’s not that simple. There’s no such thing as single best hairstyle for women – you have to consider what works for you. Here are 5 things you need to ask yourself and discuss with your stylist.

Your facial shape and features

It’s okay to bring a few photos of hairstyles you love, since it can help you explain to your stylist what kind of look or vibe you’re going for.  But think of these photos as inspiration, rather than something you can copy. After all, your goal isn’t to look like the model in the photo, but to look like a more fabulous version of yourself.

That’s why it’s important to talk to your stylist about how to adjust your ‘dream haircut” to suit your facial shape and enhance your best features. You can still try a new hair trend or experiment with a different look, but trust your stylist to make the necessary adjustments so that it suits your unique face shape.

Your hair texture

Just like you have to pick a skincare regimen that’s right for your skin type, you need to factor in your hair texture when you’re picking a haircut. So if you have fine and straight hair, you need to look for the right hairstyle for women that can give volume and the illusion of thickness. If you have unruly hair, you need a look that will still look good when you’re having an extra-frizzy day.

 Your hair health

The foundation to the best hairstyle for women will always be healthy hair. If your hair has sustained a lot of damage from chemical treatments or blowdrying, or if you’ve got a lot of split ends, then the first step is nursing it back to health. This may mean getting a shortcut to remove damaged ends, or avoiding bleaching or coloring treatments for a few months.

Your lifestyle

Let’s be honest: some haircuts will need more styling products or trims to look good. So before you decide on a cut, ask yourself how much time and money you’re willing to invest in it.  Then be frank with your hair stylist. “I usually rush in the mornings, so recommend a hairstyle for women that doesn’t need blowdrying.”

Your personality and personal image

Hairstyles can express your personal style. That’s why it’s important to update your look as you grow older. For example, if you’re graduating from college and looking for your first job, you may want to get a haircut that reflects the new, professional and modern you. Think of your hairstyle as a personal statement – just like the clothes you wear or the perfume you love, it reflects something about you.

So the real question isn’t “what’s the best or trendiest hairstyle for women” but “what’s the best hairstyle for me that makes me feel good, look good, and show who I am?” Let the hairstylists at Salon O Tony help you find your best look.

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