Best keratin treatment

Do you sometimes feel that every day is a bad hair day? Is your hair dull and dry? Frizzy and unmanageable? Are you tired of having to use tons of styling products just to tame it into place? Don’t worry – a keratin treatment can solve that for you!

How do keratin treatments rescue hair?

Our hair is made of proteins called keratin. Unfortunately, things like chemical treatments, blowdrying, overstyling, or even exposure to environmental stressors (sun, chlorine in the pools, saltwater, etc) can break down the proteins. Hair gets damaged and loses its shine and strength.

Keratin treatments restore protein to the hair. While anyone can benefit from it, here are signs that you need one right away to prevent further damage. Salon O Tony, which offers the best keratin hair booster in Vienna, shares these tips.

You’ve noted more split ends

Split ends can be a sign that your hair is losing its elasticity. Your hair breaks more easily, and is more dry and brittle. One way of checking this is to spray water on a few strands of hair, and stretching it. Does it spring back, or does it snap off?

The problem is that split ends can get worse, and then the only way to save your hair is to trim off the damaged ends. So once you see this problem, schedule an appointment – we have the best keratin hair booster in Vienna!

Your hair is limp and stringy

Ugh, nobody wants hair that looks and feels like overcooked pasta! One of the best things about keratin treatments is that it restores both shine and volume. That’s a good alternative to the hair oils or leave-in conditioners that most people use to reverse hair damage or control frizziness. While these products can help dry hair, they can also weigh down fine hair, or make frizzy hair look like a damp mess. Furthermore, the effects of one treatment can last up to several months.

Your hair is frizzy and tangled

Are you tired of the daily battle to get your hair under control? Put down your hair products and retire your blow dryer – try our keratin hair booster in Vienna and wake up with manageable hair!

Some hair types are more porous, so it tends to react to humid weather and get all frizzy and hard to control. Keratin treatments fill in the hair and coats it soit’s smoother and softer. Your hair looks great even without any styling or effort — and most of all, it stays that way for the rest of the day.

And here’s even more good news: since you’re using less products on your hair every day, you also minimize the risk of damage. Your hair becomes healthier and stronger.

Get the best keratin hair booster in Vienna

Salon O Tony is known for having the best keratin treatments in town. It offers three different kinds of these hair boosters, so you can find one that fits your needs and budget. Drop by the salon to find out more about our hair services and treatments.

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