Keratin Treatment Salon NOVA

You might be curious about keratin treatments and wonder if it’s well worth it. A lot of advertisements and forums bring up the hype when it comes to these kinds of treatments. If you will get your very first treatment, you might find your life can change forever.

Keratin treatments are suitable for frizzy, brittle, and impossible to tame hair. You might find your hair becomes smooth, shiny, and silky in six months or more after your last visit to the parlor for a keratin treatment. You might even ask yourself why you have waited so long before making this life-changing procedure.

If you are one of the women who are curious about keratin, then here are a few things that you should expect.

When it comes to keratin treatment salon NOVA, you might get a mixture of treatment that does not include any formaldehyde. Aside from this, the keratin formula can contain plenty of silk proteins, glyoxylic acid, and keratin that manage the frizz and split ends on the hair. You might also be required to let the treatment stay on your hair for at least three days. The three-day rule also applies to no braiding, no shampooing, no tucking of hair at the back of the ears, no ponytails, and more. Other things that you should expect are:

Keratin Hair Treatment Takes a Long Time – You might find yourself sitting inside the salons for three to four hours. Don’t worry. It will be worth every minute of it. Some of the best salons have entertaining magazines or televisions where you can watch shows to pass the time. Your friendly salon staff will first apply shampoo to your hair and dry it using a blower. The hair will be ironed and divided into sections. The serum is applied, the hair is blow dried again, and that’s it. The longest part comes from making sure that the hair is straight through the iron.

You Might Smell a Weird Odor from the Mixture

The thing that you should remember is that when it comes to keratin treatments, weird smells are not an uncommon phenomenon. The smell won’t be very offensive to the nose but it will not be pleasant either. This is normal and some salons mix some fragrance to their keratin treatments so customers will not notice. The faint smell will be lost after you take a bath so you don’t have to worry. Your hair will be very silky smooth in return and all the pains that you have to undergo will be worth it.

There are a lot of keratin treatment salons that can offer you the treatments that your hair definitely needs. You just have to figure out which one of them can cater to your needs the most. Some of the salons have friendly staff. They also have convenient opening hours that are great for working women and moms who have kids. If you want to get a smooth and silky hair that will last for a long time, then head straight to your favorite salon today.

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