Top 4 Things You Should Know About Balayage

  1. What is Balayage?

Balayage is the new it-thing of the hair world. Balayage in French means to paint, which is a suitable term since you are ‘painting’ your hair with different streaks of colors. These colours are not just red, blue or pink, but rather natural-looking hair colour that makes your hair look sun-kissed in the process. Now you may be thinking that this sounds similar to ombre. Allow me to shed some light.

  1. Balayage Ombre

As stated before Balayage salon means to paint and it is referred to as a highlighting technique. On the other hand, ombre means to shadow and it entails using different colours to have a gradual change from darker to lighter. There is a technique that can be used where you combine the two to leave you with a marvellous color. So now I bet you are thinking that Balayage is just basically highlights. Not exactly.

  1. Balayage vs Highlights

Remember when I said that Balayage allows you to get natural-looking hair that looks softer and more subtle. Well, contrasting to that, highlights lightens a section of your hair using aluminium foil so it doesn’t look as natural as Balayage. Balayage salon uses your entire hair rather than sections of your hair leaving you with beautifully sun-kissed hair.

  1. What to check to make sure your Balayage salon is done right?

Before we start, first, make sure you always seek a professional before beginning this technique. You will have to be certain that you are leaving you hair in the right hands. To know if your Balayage is done right, first you check:

  1. If the Balayage pieces are close to the roots of your hair, this will create highlights that are thicker when coming to the ends of the hair.
  2. That the Balayage is not left to saturate the entire piece of hair, but rather it should be applied to the surface of the hair. By doing this, you will ensure that your strands come out soft and lustrous.

As a warning, before embarking in the wonderful world Balayage, I advise that you consult with the professionals. They would be able to give you tips and advice on how to make your look naturally beautiful. At Salon o Tony, we have a team of professionals who are ready to take on any requests to give you that dream hair.

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