Benefits of a Brazilian Blowout

Having good looking, stylish hair is key to a healthy self-image. It has been shown that being proud of your appearance enhances your confidence and overall body image. For these reasons having good looking hair is important. One of the biggest complaints people have about their hair is that it isn’t shiny or has too much frizz. A Brazilian blowout will fix both these problems in one treatment. This article will discuss the benefits of the Brazilian blowout hair treatment.

A Brazilian blowout treatment works by soaking the hair in a solution. Then it is given a blow dry and straightened. This is quite similar to a keratin treatment, which can confuse some people. However, there are differences such as a Brazilian blowout is less fragile post-treatment. While it may take up to three days before you can wash your hair after a keratin treatment, once the Brazilian blowout is complete you can wash and tie your hair instantly. Additionally, it’s less intense than a keratin treatment and you can keep the natural curves in your hair, while removing the frizz. The treatment is also faster than a keratin treatment, usually taking less than two hours to complete.It is also available at most salons. Though one of the best salons for a Brazilian blowout in Fairfax, Va is Salon O Tony.

Brazilian blowouts are also long lasting, the effects can stay for around three months. Additionally, it’s safe to use on hair and won’t cause any permanent damage. Another great benefit of getting a Brazilian blowout is that it is completely safe to use on coloured hair. In fact, it may even make the colouring in your hair appear more vibrantly. Unlike other treatments you don’t need extensive post-treatment care. You only need to use a shampoo that is sulphate and chorine free to preserve the effects. Most salons will be able to sell you this shampoo.

Because of the aforementioned benefits, celebrities are flocking to salons to have Brazilian blowouts. People like Ashley Tisdale and Lindsay Lohan have had this treatment and loved the results. However, if movie stars are having it done it must be really expensive right? It’s actually quite affordable. Salon O Tony offers the treatment for only $179, which is a great price when you consider that is lasts for up to three months. That’s why it’s one of the best salons for a Brazilian blowout in Fairfax, Va.

Good-looking hair is an essential part of cultivating a positive self-image. The Brazilian blowout treatment is a great way to improve your hair. It will remove frizz and make it shinier. This article has listed the many desirable benefits of this treatment, these included; lack of permanent damage, suitable for all types of hair, no extensive post-treatment care required, and it doesn’t take long to have the treatment. Hopefully, this article has convinced you of the benefits that this treatment can have on your hair. So, this weekend take some me time and book a Brazilian blowout in Fairfax, Va.

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